Super Angel Juicer Review - What This Juicer Has To Offer

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super angel juicer review
Mrs Shiny - The Super Angel Juicer
The Super Angel Juice Extractor is not the cheapest juice machine, in fact it is one of the most expensive, but don't let that deter you. This juicer is exceptional.

If you are serious about drinking the highest quality, most beneficial juice, created by a machine that will last for decades, then the Super Angel Juicer is what you are looking for.

Besides it's a real show piece!

So What is So Amazing About the Super Angel Juicers?

You may or may not know that there are 3 main styles of electric juice extractors. These are:

  • Centrifugal machines
  • Masticating machines
  • Triturating machines

It is the triturating machines that extract the most juice from fruits and veggies, and they do so extra slowly. This preserves the utmost amount of nutrients by generating practically no heat or friction. Masticating machines are a close second, and centrifugal machines produces the most heat and the least juice yield.

For more in depth info about the difference between these machines, check out my post What is the Best Juicer?

So you have probably guessed by now that the Super Angel Juicers are triturating juice machines, and they are the elite of the triturating juice machines available today. The only other triturating juice that is a second to the Super Angel is the Kempo. The Kempo is also an excellent juicer in its own right, and is more affordable for most budgets. You can check it out by Clicking Here.

For those interested in why the Super Angel Juicer is a notch up from the Kempo Juicer, and other triturating machines, let's take a closer look at its individual qualities.

Quality #1 - All Stainless Steel

..and Hand Built

super angel juicer reviewsThe Angel Juicer is the only triturating juicer that is made completely of stainless steel, and the highest quality stainless steel at that. While this is enough to set this juicer apart, it is also hand built. So this juicer is not just made with factory parts that slot together, it is precision engineered, just like custom cars. In the world of juicing, this machine is really like having a Rolls Royce on your kitchen counter.

Ok, so it looks awesome, is precision engineered, and is so well polished and shiny that you can see your own reflection in it, but there is more to using the highest grade stainless steel than good looks. The germicidal ability of stainless steel works each time you make a juice; it keeps clean and is very hygienic. Other triturating juicers that are made of plastic, lexon, nylon, or other type of polycarbonate can contaminate your juice.

Plastic juice machines stain little by little and start looking unsightly with time, this is not an issue with the all stainless steel Angel Juicer. It keeps its good looks for a lifetime of juicing.

super angel juicer augers
The Stainless Steel Gears (Augers) of the Super Angel Juicer

Quality #2 - Highest Juice Yields

...and nutrient yield

In a test carried out be the Angel Juicer company, the angel juicer extracted significantly more juice than the Kempo triturating juicer. With 300 grams of carrots the Angel produced 212 grams of juice; the Kempo produced 139 grams of juice. That is 36% less juice, or to put it another way, about 1/3 less juice!

So what is it about the juicing mechanism of the Angel Juicer that produces such a remarkable juice yield?

Well, the unique design of the Super Angel Juicer begins with pressure screws. These screws press vegetables or fruits, and then the screws grind pulpinto a soft mass from which nutrients and juice have been meticulously drained. This juice applies a massive amount of force upn the pulp, using the 3 horsepower motor that never exceeds 86 rpms - through its augers (also called gears). There are 2 key benefits to this:

  1. As much juice is extracted as possible from fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs.
  2. The augers grind pulp and cellulose fibers together to ensure that every part of produce is completely broken down.

Video: Korean Study Showing Higher Mineral Levels Extracted by the Super Angel

Here is a neat video that show how effectively the Super Angel breaks down the fiber in leafy greens to produce the highest juice yields. This video also shows how the Angel extracts more calcium and magnesium from these leafy greens than other juicing machines.

Quality #3 - Ease of use and ease of cleaning

Super Angel Juicer Reviews

The Angel Twin Gear Juicer has fewer than the Kempo, or any other triturating juicer; and unlike other triturtating machines you can move fruit to vegetable and back again without changing screens. The Kempo and most other triturtating juicers use one screen for vegetables and one for fruits. This is an important point to consider if you like to have a mix of fruits and vegetables in a juice. Most of us like to sweeten are leafy green juice up with some apple for example.

The Super Angel Juicer is also super easy to clean. If fact it is the easiest to clean of any juicer type, whether we are talking centrifugal, masticating or triturating machines. There are just 3 main components that need cleaning, the juicing screen and the 2 augers. The screen and plunger need a rinse, so does the point of attachment of the juicer. This considerable less complex than the Kempo and other triturating machines that have nooks and crannies, and you have to dissemble the whole machine, more or less.

The video below shows just how easy it is to assemble the Super Angel

Video: The Super Angel in Action

Ease of use and cleaning

The key thing to notice at the beginning of this video is how easily the juicer is assembled. There are just a few parts that assemble, just at the front of the machine. You can easily disassemble these parts for easy cleaning. Give the parts a rinse and quick wash down, dry, and put back together. This system and design makes cleaning up much easier than other triturating juice extractor designs.

Other Qualities of the Angel Juicer:

  • 6 saftey devices: extra rocker switch, heat sensor, internal gear protection, motor protection, housing unit protection, automatic overload and screen housing protection, switch panel reinforcement.
  • Removes 95 percent of pesticides sitting on the surface of vegetables and fruits.
  • No additional justing or attachments needed for juicing fruits
  • this is the only juice that extracts juice fro seeds
  • Super quiet when operating because of the fan-cooled motor.
  • 5 year warranty for the motor, 3 year for the gears, and 1 year for other parts

Any Disadvantages?

There are 3

Even though there are 3 main disadvantages of the Super Angel Juicer, they have nothing to with a lack of quality, these disadvantages are actually a result of quality. Lets list these 3 disadvantages with an explanation for each so that you see what we mean.

  1. The Price: You can expect to pay between $1150 to $1200 for this fine juicer, but for an appliance that is hand built to precision using all high grade stainless steel, the price reflects the quality.

  2. The Weight: Given that this juicer machine is made entirely with stainless steel, you can expect it to be on the heavy side. At 28 pounds, you may want to find a convenient slot for it on your kitchen counter so that you don't need to move it each time you juice.

  3. Effort: This juicer is designed to run more slowly than all other triturating juicer machines, and it manages this with its extra powerful motor that keeps the augers rotating at slow-speed without jamming or grinding to a halt. However, these does mean that you have to apply a little more force to push tough veggies like carrots into the machine. However, you don't need to use ridiculous force that would wear you out after making a few juices, it is just a little more force than a standard, lesser-quality triturating juicer.