Breville Juice Fountain Elite Review - The 800JEXL

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The Breville juice fountain elite juicer machine, also known as the 'Breville die-cast juice fountain elite' and the 'breville juice fountain elite 800jexl' is one of the most popular and well reviewed of juicers. It is next to impossible to find a bad review about this machine, and I can attest to this first hand. It is my favorite centrifugal style juicing machine. At Amazon it has over 1000 reviews, making it one of the most reviewed juice machines available today.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Review - the Pros

breville juice fountain elite 800jexl
The shiny power horse in action - the Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL
  1. The utmost impressive feature of this juicer is the rocket fueled speed at which it breaks down fruits and vegetables into juice. It really is quite amazing. It uses a 1000 watt Italian made motor that can be run at a choice of two speeds. A high speed of 13,000 rpm and a half speed selection that runs at 6,500 rpm. At high speed it makes mince meat of even the hardest vegetables like carrots, potatoes and beets; pineapple with its hard skin intact goes through almost like butter. Breville claims that this juicer can produce 8 ounces (about one glass) of juice in 5 seconds, I can assure you they are not exaggerating. You can load up the chute with produce and with nothing more than a light and even press you got yourself a juice.
  2. The half speed option is great for softer produce and the slower speed helps to extract more juice from the 'softies'. In particular the half speed is great for green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach and soft fruits like melon and oranges.
  3. The 3" chute is a great size and cuts down on prep time compared to the smaller chutes often found on other juicing machines. Kiwis, carrots, celery stalks, medium sized tomatoes, tangerines and other small oranges do not need to be cut into smaller pieces, they fit right in. Even slightly bigger produce like apples, large oranges and beef tomatoes only need to be cut in half beforehand, which is great.
  4. Given the the speed and power at which the motor operates the juicer is considerably more quiet than I expected. It is not quite as quiet as my (less powerful) Jack Lalanne power juicer but it is not in anyway obnoxiously loud or disturbing.
  5. The speed and power of the Breville juice fountain elite juicer gave me reservations at how well it would measure up in terms of how much juice it would extract from produce. Breville says it can produce up to 30% more than some other juicing machine. I have no hard figures but it does seem to produce an impressive yield. The pulp that is left over is also fairly dry, so that is a good sign that the juicer 'squeezes' well.
  6. Assembling and dissembling the juicer is pretty straightforward and natural and clean up is pretty straightforward and quick. The stainless steel parts rinse off nicely and the blade and wire mesh can be cleaned no problem with the brush that is included. All the parts (except for the main motor sections) are also dishwasher safe.
  7. The stainless steel parts of this juicer are great because they don't get stained like the white plastic parts of some other juicing machines
  8. The warranty on this juicer is also pretty good. The motor is covered for 3 years and all the other parts are covered for 1 year.

Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite - The Cons

  1. The sheer speed at which this juicing machine juices at full speed can cause some spraying that needs cleaning up, especially if you load up the chute on the heavy size.
  2. The Breville juice fountain elite 800jexl is a bulky and heavy juicing machine. It weighs in at about 14 and 1/2 pounds. It probably needs to be this heavy and sturdy to 'man' the power of the motor. If you want a solid and sturdy machine then this "con" is actually a plus.

Watch The Breville In Action

*Note how easy it juices the celery*