What is the Best Juicer for Ginger?

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Best Juicer for juicing gingerGinger juice is a nutritional power house with numerous healing properties. It is well-known for its potent anti-inflammatory benefits plus a myriad of other health benefits; including:

  • Nausea
  • Cold and flu relief
  • Digestion
  • Pain reduction
  • Cardiovascular health

You can read more about the scientifically shown benefits and nutritional profile of ginger at Medical News Today. Although, if you are looking for the best juicer for juicing ginger, you have already been sold on it's healing abilities! So let's discuss the best juice machine for ginger.

What Not To Buy!

I loved Jack LaLanne, the guy was awesome. He was way ahead of his time promoting health and fitness since the 1950's. However is juicer is not the best for juicing ginger. It is not just Jack's juicer that is the problem though, it's the type of juicer that it is - a centrifugal juicer. A centrifugal juicer is fast, but it's not thorough. The high speed spinning blade in a centrifugal juice machine just can't spend enough time with the produce we put through it to extract top juice yields. Plus it creates heat, and therefore some oxidation, thus killing some of the antioxidants before they make it to the juice.

We need a slower juicer that produces very little heat and "chews up" the ginger slowly to produce high quality juice yields brimming with benefits. Enter the masticating and triturating juice machines.

Masticating Juicer for Ginger

A masticating machine is great for squeezing deeply into vegetables, grasses and herbs. It utilizes a "single gear", also known as an "auger" - see pic. This gear rotates slowly inside a tight-fitting tube and produce is squeezed through it. A deep penetration of the cell walls of vegetables and herbs releases antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrition that a centrifugal juicer simply can't reach.

Any decent masticating juicer is going to effectively juice ginger. Take a look at my reviews of the best masticating juicers to view some of the best masticating juice machines available today.

Triturating Juice Machine

If you got the money to spare you may consider a triturating juice machine. It utilizes a very similar concept to masticating juicers but takes things one step further; thus adding another gear (auger). Now we have 2 augers running closely side-by-side and they interconnect somewhat like cogs. The result is an even deeper release of juice and nutrition from deeper within the cell walls of veggies, herbs and grasses. So they is a slightly higher juice yield than with a masticating machine. The difference is relatively small however, and in either case the masticating and triturating juicers both extract way more juice than the centrifugal machine. Here are a few top picks for triturating juicer machines.

stainless steel gears effective for juicing ginger
Dual gears used in the Tribest Greenstar juicer

Tribest Greenstar

Triturating Juicer top pick for Ginger

tribest greenstar triturating juicer
This machine features a 3 stage complete masticating system, utilizing pocket recesses with sharp teeth for excellent coverage when extracting juice from harder produce such as ginger. This also make it awesome for juicing leafy greens, grasses and herbs too - all the really nutritious beneficial types of produce.

It features an adjustable knob to decrease and increase the pressure needed when juicing different types of produce. This helps get the maximum yield based on what you are juicing and gives you more control over the amount of fiber that makes it to the juice.

A versatile machine it's not limited to just fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs, you can also use the Tribest Greenstar to make nut butters, nut milk and healthy sorbets!

The only real downside to this juicer is its weight and size. It is definitely bulky - but needs to be that way to perform heavy duty tasks.

Super Angel Pro

Super Angel Juicer Pro

Highest Quality but very Expensive Triturating Juicer

If you got the cash to spare and you want the best triturating juicer for ginger (and pretty much anything else) then the Super Angel Pro is exactly that. So what makes it so expensive...

Firstly the whole thing is made out of FDA food grade stainless steel - outside and in. There are some people who concerned about plastic chemicals ending up their juice from plastic parts on juice machines. The Super Angel Pro totally eliminates any concern in this regard.

It features an automatic reverse function if anything gets jammed in the machine. The rotation of the gears is reversed sending the produce back in our direction. It also monitors the temperature inside the machine and makes efforts to regulate this. Heat can occur with long juicing sessions of hard produce and too much heat destroys antioxidants and enzymes - which we don't want!

This really is highest quality triturating juicer available. It's quite magnificent to look at too.

Why Buy a Centrifugal Juicer

So it may sound like I am anti-centrifugal machines if you have read the whole article. However they do have their place, but juicing ginger effectively is not that place. So why would anyone use a centrifugal juicer? Mainly because they are fast, considerably faster than masticating and triturating machine at juicing produce. They tend to be easier to clean too. We don't always have the time

Centrifugal machines can extract some juice from ginger but the yields are not that of their masticating and triturating counterparts. Any produce that has bulk to it a centrifugal machine can get some juice out of, but it is massively ineffective with anything thin like leafy greens and grasses. Wheatgrass = forget it!

Centrifugal machines are great for quickly juicing things like carrots and fruits and are much cheaper than other types of juicers. If you are interested in reading more about them check out my list of the best centrifugal juicers.

Have fun!