Best Juicer Blender Combo - Get The Best Of Both

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The 'Breville Juice and Blend' in action

The Convenience Of A Blender and Juicer In One

Now that the power of fresh juice, whether blended or juiced, is becoming ever more clear with the advent of great documentaries like "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead", and even infomercials such as the Jack LaLanne Juicer machine, more of us are inspired to add fresh juice to our lives.

The problem is that both juices and smoothies have some great benefits in their own right, even if they overlap considerably, so it can been difficult or confusing at first to figure out whether to pick up a blender or juicer.

Even if you did just buy one or the other, you certainly wont be making a wrong choice - you will be making super health juice either way - but we don't have to choose any longer, we can just get the best of both worlds in one unit. So question now becomes "what is the best blender juicer combo?".

What is the Best Juicer Blender Combo?

There Is One that Stands Out Far And Wide...

As it stands right now, there are not many companies making bender juicer combo appliances. There are only 4 that are worth mentioning, and of those there is 1 that stands apart. These 4 machines are the:

  • Nesco American Harvest JB-50 2-in-1 Juicer/Blender
  • Jay Kordich JDJB21001 Deluxe 2-in-1 Juicer and Blender
  • The Sharper Image 60-Watt/2 Speed Blender-Juicer Combo
  • Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend
My vote goes with the Breville BJB840XL

Why The Breville Juicer And Blender?

Juicer with a Blender

To get straight to the point - Breville produces well-built kitchen appliances that last - and their juicer and blender in one combo is no exception. If you look on amazon.com at their range of standard juicer machines, you will see that they are all reviewed very highly, and because of their quality word spreads, so each machine has a lot of reviews. And one common thread among the reviews is how well-built the machines are, how powerful they are, how effective they are, and how they last.

Now if take a look at thereviews for the Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend , we will see that they are very positive on the whole, with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. Compare this with the the first reviews we bump into when scrolling down the page for the other 3 blender juicer combos:

  • Nesco American Harvest JB-50
  • Jay Kordich JDJB21001.,
  • The Sharper Image 600-Watt/2 Speed

A Great Review of the Breville Juice and Blend

A great video review that show the ins and outs of this machine

A Closer Look At The Breville Blender and Juicer

There are number of great features to this machine, so lets look at each of them in more detail

breville juicer and blend
  • 5 Speed Settings for Both The Juicer & Blender: The maximum amount of speed options that you get with the other juicers and blenders machines is 2. So the Breville trumps here too. With the 5 speed settings you get greater control. For the juicer this means better juice yields when matching the right speed to the hardness or softness of any given fruit or vegeatble.For the blender, you can mix, chop, blend, liquify, and purée, and also take advantange of 3 Pre-Programmed Cycles.
  • Made With Stainless Steel: Stainles steel does not just look good and make very solid parts, but it does not stain either. With other juicer and blender machines, you will see that they are made primarily of plastic components. Plastic slowly but surely gets stained by the juice made and becomes unsightly. White is the worst.
  • Very High-Powered Motor: The highest setting on the Breville produces an impressive 13,000RPMs (revolutions per minute)

A juicer and blender combo can be the perfect option if you want to save money not buying each product separately; or if you want a juicer and blender in one to save kitchen space and avoid the hassle of having two appliances.

This article was written by Tony Williams. Husband, father and a lover of all things kitchen. He has been juicing avidly for the past 10 years and is a major proponent of the health benefits of fresh juice.