Green Star Elite GSE-500 vs Omega TWN30S - Which One Is For You?

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The twin gears of the Omega TWN30S

Today we are going to take a close look at and compare the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 and the Omega TWN30S. At time of writing there is approximately a $200 difference between the two, with the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 being more expensive. So it won't come as much surprise that the Green Star Elite is the better quality of the two. That said, the Omega TWN30S has it's merits for the cheaper price tag and is maybe just what you need. "Horses for courses" as my Grandma used to say. So let's get into it and explore the pros and cons of both these juicers crafted by esteemed brands. First lets compare some specs.


  • RPM's:
  • Motor Power:
  • Juice Yield:
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Gears
  • Waranty
  • Availability


[one_third]Green Star Elite

  • 110
  • 200 Watts
  • Marginally better Omega TWN305
  • 18.6"x6.8"x12.4"
  • 24.0lb
  • Stainless Steel Bio-Ceramic Magnetic Twin Gears
  • 12 year warranty



    Omega TWN30S

  • 160
  • 150 Watts
  • Marginally less than Green Star
  • 12"x6.5"x17.3"
  • 13.0lb
  • Stainless Steel Twin BPA-Free
  • Discontinued


Juice Quality

Winner: Green Star Elite

The Green Star features magnetic and far-infra-red technologies. As the twin-gears go to work making juice, these technologies are shown to produce a more nutrient rich juice and a juice that lasts longer. If you plan to store your juice a lot, then this is the juicer for you. Green star juice stays stable for 72 hours.

Juice Yield

Marginal Winner: Green Star Elite

This is really close, the Green Star is a marginal winner. When juicing 2 lbs of raw carrots the Green star produced 450 ml of juice, and the Omega a fraction under 430 ml.

Ease of Operation

Winner: Green Star Elite

It is undoubtedly harder to use the Omega. Trying to push hard produce through it, such as carrots and beets, is going to be an herculean effort unless you cut them into smaller pieces first. This takes more time however and some convenience is lost. The Green Star is more powerful and will save you considerably time and effort.

The Green Star's feeding chute is bigger than the Omega's chute, so not only is it more powerful, you don't need to cut fruits and veggies into such small pieces.

Another small annoyance with the Omega is that the pulp screen easily blocks the filter pore when the juice starts to come down. This can be overcome however by not using the screen. Instead you can sieve the juice afterwards, which is yet another extra step.

Overall it becomes abundantly clear that Tribest's Green Star Elite is much easier to operate. The Omega is smaller and considerably lighter though, which we will get to later.

Oh, I almost bypassed clean-up. Yep the Green Star wins there too. There are less


Winner: Omega TWN30S (sort of)

The TWN30S (at 18 lbs) is a whole 6 lbs lighter than the Green Star Elite (at 24 lbs). This makes the Omega much easier to move around, relocate it's position in the kitchen and put away in cabinets. The reason the Omega is the winner in this category is purely based on it's ease-of-use given that it's lighter.

The flip side of this is that some people might not be too concerned with the extra weight and will welcome that this extra weight crafts a more well-built machine with more power. If this matter's to you then the Green Star will actually be the winner for you in this category


Winner: Omega TWN30S

Green star dimensions: 18.6" x 6.8" x 12.4"
Omega TWN30S dimensions: 12" x 6.5" x 17.3"

Put the 2 juicers together and we can clearly see that the Green star is a bigger machine. Ultimately this makes the pros and cons for both juicers pretty much the same as outlined in the "Weight" category above. I would add that the Omega will fit in some spaces on your counter-top or in cabinets where the Green Star simply couldn't fit. This is all a matter of inches though and may or may not be a matter of concern for you.


Winner: Omega TWN30S

Yes the Omega is cheaper. At time of writing the Greenstar Elite is $629 (often on sale for about $550). The Omega costs $373.32

The Omega TWN30S

Price is not the whole picture though. Value for money is a different equation to straight cost. This is a hard thing to assess and I am inclined to call it a tie.

The Green Star Elite


Winner: Omega TWN30S

There is not too much to talk about here. The Omega wins with a 15 year warranty. The Green Star Elite is not lagging too far behind with a 12 year warranty.

What's in the Box?

Green Star Elite:
  • The Juicer Itself - I should think so 🙂
  • Coarse Juicing Screen
  • Small Hole Juicing Screen
  • Glass Pitcher
  • Homogenizing (Blank) Screen
  • Outlet Adjusting Knob
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Drip Tray
  • Plastic Plunger
  • Instruction Manual
Omega TWN30S
  • The Juicer Itself 🙂
  • 2 Stainless Steel Augers
  • Fine Screen for less pulp
  • Pulp Bowl
  • Strainer / Sieve
  • Coarse Screen for more pulp
  • Juice Bowl
  • Blank Cone


These are both great juicing machines and the comparison between the 2 is a little unfair because they fall into 2 different price brackets. The Omega is a mid-priced juicer, the Green Star is a higher-priced machine (although juicing machines can get crazy high in price. Check out my review of the Super Angel Juicer).

If you don't won't to spend the money on the Green Star and you are ok with the extra work needed to juice vegetables in the Omega, then your decision is easy. You are still getting decent value for the money with the Omega - it has a very good juice yield and an excellent warranty.

If build quality, ease-of-use, and getting the best quality juice are the most important things for you, then the Green Star is the clear winner. This is one of the most revered twin juicer machines available today; it's a real powerhouse. An excellent motor, an excellent overall build quality and superb twin gear technology for producing superior juice.