Omega J8008 Review - What's New in Omega's Newest Masticating Juicer Machine?

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The Omega 8008 Nutrition Center is the 5th generation and newest model (at time of writing) from the Omega 8000 line of masticating juicers. It provides all the awesomeness of previous models along with some upgraded features.

omega j8008 reviewIf you have read any of my other reviews about juicing machines, you will see that I always speak favorably about the Omega brand, and I don't give great reviews to every juicer. Some juice machines suck. However, the Omega 8008 is awesome, and many juicing enthusiasts and reviewers at Amazon agree with me. It gets an awesome 4.6 out of 5 stars at Amazon.

What Makes the Omega 8000 Machines Awesome?

They are undoubtedly one of the top of the line masticating juice machines. If I was faced with having to only own one juicing machine it would be the new Omega 8008 Nutrition Center (or even one of the previous models).

All masticating juicers feature a 1 gear (aka a single auger) system for extracting juice from produce, but the Omega 8000 series takes this concept another step further with their patented 2-step extraction. This 2-step extraction extracts greater yields and more nutrition than most other masticating juicers on the market. This is one of the key reasons this juicer is top of my list. So if you want more antioxidants, living enzymes, vitamins and minerals in your juice, the Omega juicer is perfect.

The Omega is really well built too. It comes in either a nice polished chrome finish, or a cheaper hard white plastic finish, but either way it is a very solid machine. It is backed by a 15 year warranty on every part of the juicer. This is rare in the juicing machine world. Most warranties are several years only, and in many cases only covers the motor and none of the other parts. So you are investing in something that will keep you in healthy juice for at least 15 years. It's worth the cost.

More Than Juice

The Omega 8000 machines do a lot more than just provide awesome juice, they can create a plethora of healthy treats. Here is a list of what these machines can make:

  • Nut butters
  • Fruit sorbets
  • Extrude soy milk
  • Baby Food
  • Extrude pasta
  • Grind coffee
  • Grind herbs and spices

It's not called the "Nutrition Center" for nothing 🙂

The Omega J8008 - What's New?

The Omega J8008 is an updated version of the top-selling J8006 model. It provides all the awesomeness of that J8006 some updated features.

1.The auger (the gear that "chews" the juice out of produce) has been updated. It is now stronger, 8x stronger in fact. This is an important upgrade because it was not unusual to have to call customer service every couple of years to get a replacement auger for the J8006 model. The auger is put under a lot of pressure so its great that it is now stronger.

2.The juicing screen has been upgraded too. It now features 25% more surface area, has dual stainless steel inserts, and made with thicker plastic. This is a major update to make the J8006 more durable and efficient than its previous models.

3. It's smaller! The Omega J8008 Nutrition Center is a little smaller, so it take up less space on the kitchen counter or in the cupboard.

4. BPA-Free. The Omega company has made a great move in dumping polycarbonate in favor of Tritan Copolymer instead.

To Conclude:

In this Omega J8008 review you can see that I am very much a fan of this juicer. I prefer masticating juicers over centrifugal juicers, and The Omega J8000 line of juicers is one of my favorite masticating machines (in fact I think it is my favorite). It is a solid, good-looking machine that you will not regret buying as part of your healthier life-style. It creates awesome healthy juice, and if that is want you are looking for, then this machine provides just that.