Apple & Lemon Juice Recipe - The Perfect Fruit Juice Combo

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I got one of my favorite fruit juicer recipes for you today - the apple and lemon juice recipe. Pure fresh-made lemon juice is a bit on the intense side and usually needs to be diluted with water or another juice; in this case we are going with fresh made apple juice. The two together are a tasty combo with the sweetness of the apple helping to balance out the sharpness of the lemon.

This juice is majorly refreshing on a hot summers day, especially with a few ice cubes in it. However, it makes for a great cold remedy or hearty tonic when warmed up a little on those colder nights, add a little honey and the warm drink is complete.

And onto the recipe:

Apple & Lemon Juice Recipe

The perfect fruit juice combo

  • Ingredients: 2 apples, 1/2 a lemon
  • If apples are organic, then no need to peel, just wash them
  • Peel lemon, but don't get rid of the white pith
  • Juice apples and lemon with the white pith
  • Drink cold or warmed with honey

Apple & Lemon Juice Recipe
The Apple & Lemon Juice Recipe