Wheatgrass Juice Benefits for Health & Wellness

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wheatgrass juice benefits

Wheatgrass is basically a young wheat plant. It's commonly utilized for its health and nutritional benefits; it's an effective natural health remedy for various ailments and illnesses. Research into this awesome healing grass has spanned over 75 years, and new reports continue to find more wheatgrass juice benefits for health.

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass

One of the reasons that wheatgrass juice is so popular is how easily wheatgrass can be grown at home. With a quality wheatgrass growing kit, you can get a yield of wheatgrass to juicer every 10 days.

When grown correctly and with a dose of love, the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass are best at this tenth day of growth. Concentrations of protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals are at their peak.

Because wheatgrass is highly fibrous it has to be juiced before consumption to release it's deeply bound nutrients.

There are numerous wheatgrass juicing machines available today, but make sure you just one that features the stability and power to break open the strong fibrous bonds to release the highest juice and nutrition volumes.

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For getting a healthy dose of natural nutrition everyday, many individuals drink a 2 ounce shot of wheatgrass once or twice each day. For deep cell cleansing or detoxification a larger dose is usually required, upping to 3 or 4 ounces per day.

Wheatgrass juice is super potent, so just a little shot provides a whole lot of benefit.

Chlorophyll Content

70% percent of wheatgrass juice is actually composed of chlorophyll, a phyto-nutrient that flushes the body of toxins and promotes cellular healing.

Chlorophyll also improves immune function by helping to drain the lymphatic system, in turn helping to protect us from disease and illness.

In The American Journal of Surgery, a publication reported the antiseptic benefits of chlorophyll.

The research suggested that chlorophyll can be used for neutralizing strep infection, healing chronic sinusitis, healing wounds, overcoming ear inflammation and infections, hastening the healing process of skin grafting, plus a host of additional medical utilizations. Such benefits are not limited to internal use either, chlorophyll can be applied externally.

The Non-Juicing Option

If growing and/or juicing your own wheatgrass juice does not appeal to you. Not everyone has the time or inclination, but still wants the wonderful health benefits of wheatgrass juice, then buying a high-quality wheatgrass powder is a sound alternative.