Is Pickle Juice Good for You or is Pickle Juice Bad for You? - The Verdict

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is pickle juice good for you
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If you are looking to a definitive answer to "is pickle juice good for you or is pickle juice bad for you?" - then the answer is definitively both! Just like coffee studies show that pickle juice has some great benefits for health and also has some unfavorable effects. Depending on your situation and life-style it can be more beneficial or otherwise.

Heartburn (Acid Reflux)

Vinegar is food source that one would not automatically associate with easing heartburn. Columbia University indicates that the acidic qualities of vinegar may irritate an already sore windpipe. So the notion that pickle juice aids heartburn is unproven and doesn't actually make sense, given that vinegar is a major ingredient. The same goes for apple cider vinegar, which has also been proposed to help with heartburn, again there is no proof for this!

Im not knocking either pickle juice or apple cider vinegar, they both have their own specific healing qualities, its just that combating acid reflux doesn't appear to be one of them.

High Blood Pressure Relief

Hang in there, we will get to the actual benefits of pickle juice, but helping reduce high blood pressure is not on the list! Again this is one that has to be debunked. Pickle juice is really high in salt - say no more!

Hydration & Sports Performance Benefits

Now we are getting somewhere and can actually and find a good answer to "is pickle juice good for you?" Pickle juice is an excellent source of natural electrolytes (and not just a water beverage with electrolytes added, but the real deal), including salt. Activities that involve a lot a sweating, whether it's just a hot day or your working out hard or in the middle of a sporting event, is where pickle juice can be ideal. When sweating we lose a lot salt and electrolytes, and pickle juice will replenish abundantly. A study release in 2003 in the Journal of Athletic training actually recommended that athletes use pickle juice as a way of replacing fluids lost. However, the recommended that the pickle juice is diluted in water, to reduce excess acidity and salt levels and to increase water content. Perfect.

Hangover Relief

Had one to many the night before? If you can stomach pickle juice without throwing up the morning after, then the high sodium content may help relieve you of that hangover faster. I used to drink a mixture of salt, bicarbonate of soda and a teaspoon of sugar dilute in water! It didn't taste good but it was a real help with a hangover. I wish I knew about pickle juice back then!