Wheatgrass Growing Kit - Grow & Juice Your Own at Home

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So you got a nice masticating juicer or wheatgrass specific juicer and now you want to grow your own wheatgrass at home rather than buy it at the store. It is a natural progression 🙂 Growing wheatgrass is fun, and you will feel good juicing something you have grown yourself.

So lets take a look at 2 of the best wheatgrass growing kits that are among the best for growing your own wheatgrass at home.

#1 Tribest SM-350 Sproutman Wheatgrass Grower

Tribest SM-350 Sproutman Wheatgrass Grower
Tribest SM-350 Sproutman Wheatgrass Grower

Great for High Yields

Features at a Glance:

  • Soil not needed
  • Grow in only 10 days
  • Expand to 10 trays
  • Grows in room temperatures and lighting
  • Included: 3 greenhouse covers, 3 germinating lids, 3 growing trays, 3 seed sheets, 3 shelf baskets; and a spray bottle and 1-lb of wheatgrass organic seed

This wheatgrass growing kit by Tribest is great for growing high yields at home. You can grow 3 trays of organic wheatgrass in only 10 days. If you juice, or want to juice, a lot of wheatgrass, then you can expand to 10 trays.

The really cool thing with this kit is that you don't need to concern yourself with the right temperature, lighting or complex hook-ups. Your typical home temperature is fine and special lighting is not needed.

Excess moisture is drained away effectively so the wheatgrass gets exactly what it needs. You have the option to grow without or with soil and with the provided plastic sheet you can prevent roots from tangling, this makes for an easier clean-up once the wheatgrass has grown.

If your short on space, then this wheatgrass growing kit is great. Making use of height it measures 10" x 12" and can be tucked easily into a corner and slid back to the counter when needed.

#2 - Hydroponic Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit

wheatgrass growing kit
Hydroponic Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit

For the Hydroponic Lovers

Features at a glance:

  • Comes with 5 lb. of organic wheatgrass seed
  • 5 growing trays total
  • 5 organic Micro-Mat growing pads plus trace mineral Azomite
  • Complete instructions for growing

For those who like to grow with hydroponics (I am one of them), this growing kit is the perfect option. As is the case with most wheatgrass growing kits, you get a full yield every 10 days, plus you get great instructions for making sure your wheatgrass grows awesome.

A real benefit of going the hydroponic route with this kit is that the trace mineral Azomite is included. This boosts your wheatgrass to containing all the trace minerals that the body requires for top health.

With a cool 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon, this is one of the best-rated wheatgrass growing kits available today.