How to Make Homemade Apple Juice?

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Making Apple Juice at Home

When it comes to making apple juice at home, or any fruit juice for that matter, there typically 2 ways of doing so. The first method involves cutting up the fruits and cooking them as part of the process. There are more steps to this method and it is a longer winded approach. The other method is as simple as can be, and that is juce to juice the apples in a juice extractor. Juicing is also a more nutritous method since vitamins and antioxidants are not lost to the heat damage of cooking. So here I am going to show you how to juice apples at home, but there really is not much too it!

How to Choose Apples

Pick an apple up and feel it for any soft spots and also look for discolorations. When apples pass their ripe stage they start turning brown (oxidation) and become soft and / or mushy.

Look at the apple's shape too. Round apples, especially of the green kind, can be more flavorful than the elongated variety. Rounder ones also tend to be younger when picked from the tree, and produce a more tasty apple juice. If cooked, they can become too firm and bitter, but we are not cooking them 🙂

how to make apple juice?
How to make apple juice?
For best health benefits for yourself, the planet and your community opt for organic local apples. A farmer's market is a great place to buy apples.

Making Apple Juice

  • To make a single serving or apple juice you will need about 4 mid-sized apples.
  • If the apples are not organic, then it is a very good idea to peel the apples first. Non-organic apples tend to be heavily pesticized, and we want to avoid consuming these pesticides with out healthy juice! Otherwise, just washing organic apples is fine.
  • Cut the stem from the apples.
  • It is fine to juice the whole apples, core and all. It all adds up to a more nutritious juice.
    Whether you need to chop your apples into smaller pieces before juicing them totally depends on your style of juice extractor. Most centrifugal juice machines can take whole apples no problem.

  • If you own a masticating juice machine, then you will need to cut the apples into smaller pieces. While masticating juice extractors increase preparation time, they extract more juice and nutrients from fruits and veggetables than centrifugal juice extractors. Learn more about this in my post What is the Best Juicer Machine.
  • If you're not going to consume the apple juice immediately, then it's a good idea to store it inside an air tight container, this limits oxidative damage. The longer your apple juice is exposed to air, the more antioxidants that are lost, including vitamin C.

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