Omega VRT350HD Review - This Upright Mascating Juicer in the Spotlight

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The Omega VRT350HD is Omega's proud addition to the world of vertical (or upright) masticating juicers. And like their famous horizontal style masticating juicers -- the Omega J8000 Series -- the VRT350HD is another awesome high-quality product by this company.

omega vrt350 reviewJust like many other avid juicing fans, I am big fan of the Omega masticating juicer machines; along with a few other companies they make the best masticating machines available. While the J8000 series is one of the best regarded masticating juicers to date, the VRT350 is one of the best upright masticating juicers too. The VRT350HD takes the single auger horizontal design and pushes the concept one step further with the Ultem Screen - a screen that is 8x stronger than the normal plastic screen found in its predecessor - the VRT330. This makes this juicer perfect for those want to a lot of juicing - especially if you juice daily.

The Highlights of The VRT350HD Juicer

Here are the top qualities of this juice making machine as revealed by this Omega VRT350HD review:

  • LSTS (Low Speed Technology System). This juicer is actually the first juicer to utilize the LSTS method, which is total departure from regular masticating juicer methods. This LSTS method extracts the max. amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, juice and taste from fruits, veggies, leafy greens, wheatgrass and herbs.
  • Heavy Duty (HD): The main feature that the HD model as over the previous VRT350 is the heavy duty juicing screen. It is now considerably more durable.
  • Dual Stage Juicing: Juice is initially extracted in the 1st crushing stage, before pulp is ejected, the pulp is then squeezed again during the second pressing. This means great juice yields and very dry left-over pulp.
  • AWS - Automatic Wiping System: This is actual the first juicer machine to feature AWS. A silicone wiping blade is used, just like the blade that wipes your car window screen, to keep the juicing screen clear of pulp.
  • High Yields: Compared to centrifugal juice machines, the vertical masticating machine provides excellent juice yields.
  • Self Cleaning: Just pour water through to clean juicer when changing to another vegetable, fruit or leafy green. Saves time.
  • Small Footprint: Provides the performance of standard horizontal masticating juicers, but in a vertical space-saving design.
  • ULTEM Auger: Besides the updated heavy duty juicing screen, the Omega VRT350 HD also features an upgraded and stinker auger made with ULTEM material. ULTEM is 8x stronger.

Watch This Omega VRT350 HD Juicer Review in Action

Juices Only

Something to note in this Omega VRT350 HD review is that this juicer is made strictly for juicing. It has no other functions, unlike the popular J8008 by Omega, that can do a lot more than just juice. Both juicers are awesome, so it depends what you are looking for. If you want a high-quality masticating juicer machine strictly for making juice, and you want it in a space-saving design, and built to last - then the Omega VRT350 HD fulfills that criteria perfectly. There is not a better juicer out there in this respect.

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