Homemade Apple and Cucumber Juice Recipe

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apple and cucumber juice recipe
Apple and Cucumber Juice Recipe - add a little ginger for a little zip and more health benefits
You will find many recipes on-line for the popular juice recipe choices. Apple juice recipes, carrot apple juice recipes, among others. However, apples and cucumbers together is a recipe less traveled (and searched)!

Not to fear, it is a very simple recipe - couldn't be easier in fact. And it is a really nice tasting recipe also. Both apples and cucumbers provide sweetness, so be careful not to overdo this one if you want to keep your sugar content down. That said, a homemade apple and cucumber juice a few times a week is an awesomely healthy drink, loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Some Juicing Tips

If you read my other recipes, and the tips for making them, then you will see that I start sounding like a broken record! This is for good reason however, organic is really the way to go.

Drinking juice made with organic fruits and veggies is remarkably healthier than using the alternative. First and foremost it is the pesticides found in non-organic produce that is the biggest health problem. I won't go into detail because its a subject to its own!

Anyhow, if you can't get your hand on organic for some reason, then peeling your apples and cucumbers is the best option when making this homemade cucumber and apple juice recipe. Since the majority of pesticides are on and within the skins, then you will greatly reduce the pesticide content of your juice, leaving you with what you need - lots of awesome nutritious juice!

If you are using organic produce, then wash thoroughly but enjoy the antioxidant benefits of juicing the skins. The skin is where the majority of antioxidants are found in apples and cucumbers.

And onto the recipe...

The Recipe

  • 2 apples - choose your favorite apples
  • 1 cucumber
  • Optional: slice of ginger to add zip and anti-inflammatory properties to the juice
  • Read juicing tips above to get the most health benefits out of this juice.
  • Drink a few times a week if possible and reap the benefits. You now it makes sense.

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This article was written by Tony Williams. Husband, father and a lover of all things kitchen. He has been juicing avidly for the past 10 years and is a major proponent of the health benefits of fresh juice.