Pyramid Healing – The Ascension Pyramid Meditation System

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What’s a meditation pyramid got to do with juicing you may ask! A fair question! Well, since I am into many aspects of health, include healing and meditation, I thought I would expand my horizons here and create a category just for other healthy things that aren’t juicing. And this is my first choice since I find these Ascension Meditation Pyramid Systems by Buddha Maitreya the Christ to be incredible.

I have actually been meditating in this pyramid system for over 10 years, usually several times a week. You can either book Soul Therapy Healing Pyramid Meditations at one of the official centers, which I do from time to time, or you can actually buy your own meditation pyramid HERE. I have my own 🙂

healing pyramid meditation

The Soul Therapy Ascension Healing Pyramid Meditation System – You can get your own 🙂

I have a bedroom setup for it. The pyramid fits over your bed if you prop it up a little on 4 pillars, check out the picture above to see what I mean. My pyramid in that pic has a 7 foot base, but you can get an extension kit too and expand the pyramid system to 9 feet.

So What’s it Like in There?

The energy in the Ascension Healing Pyramid Meditation is exactly what it needs to be for you and your healing. While there is certainly energetic properties to the sacred geometry of a pyramid, it is not really a healing pyramid until it has been blessed. It is Buddha Maitreya’s energy working through the pyramid that really makes it the healing tool that it is.

There are many testimonials online of people experiencing healings, both mental/emotional and physical. The meditations can be very peaceful or quite intense depending on the healing at hand. I now for me that this is the case. The first time I did Soul Therapy, my arms and legs shook quite a bit, and I could feel tension/negativity clearing through these limbs. After about 45 minutes things calmed down, and the last 15 minutes was deeply relaxing and peaceful. I can truly say that “stuff” left me that day, and good riddance!

As time has passed and I have continued to use the pyramid, it has helped change my life for the better. I have removed negative friends from my life, and have moved and had a lot of lifestyle changes – all for the better. That is the key thing for me, I am not as “stuck in life”, there is less fear. The healing energy of the Buddha Maitreya pyramid systems has been a key force in giving me the courage to make changes. You know, those things in the back of your mind that you wish you could be free of, those habits you wish you could clear up, the things you wish you had the courage to say and move on. Moving your life in the right direction in a real day-by-day way is the essence of the healing Buddha Maitreya provides with his Ascension Pyramid Meditation System.

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