Bach Flower Remedies – A Powerful Set Of Homeopathic Remedies

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I have already talked about one of my favorite tools for healing and meditation, in my post about healing pyramid meditation systems, and wanted to share about one of my other healing tools that I find highly effective – the Bach Flower Remedies.

What are the Bach Flower Remedies?

These flower essence remedies were created and developed 80 years ago by Dr. Edward Bach. A highly respected physician Dr. Bach made the decision to stop his practice and instead focus his energy on homoeopathy. He departed London and started his research on the effects of plant essences on humans.

bach flower remedies

A Complete Kit of the Bach Flower Remedies

He isolated and classified a total of 38 flowers, and with their extracts he succeeded to heal patients’ ailments. However this healing was done through the assessment of each individuals emotional state. Dr. Bach discovered that the essence of certain flowers led to a self healing process as negative emotions were purged.

The fundamental healing of the Bach Flower essences is through the emotions, and that most physical ailments actually have a deeper emotional root. These essences help in coping with anxiety, depression, stress, anger, fear, guilt, worry and other umpleasant emotional states. The essences help improve our mental and emotional state, therefore balancing both mind and body.

My Experience

There is one Bach Flower essence product that is probably more well known than the others, and that is the “Rescue Remedy”. I bring this up first because it is the essence I use the most! This remedy is actual made up of several essences that help support us in crisis, mild or severe. If I feel myself getting a bit stressed about something, or start getting anxious about a situation, then I go straight for the bottle – the essence bottle of course!

bach rescue remedy

The Bach Rescue Remedy

I actually find it has a calming effect that I can feel within 5 minutes. It really does help to soothe those frazzled nerves. With a calmer emotion I can look at what’s going on more clearly, and get some insight into why I am getting stressed or anxious about something. I can’t express what a big help that is, even if it is sometimes a little painful to accept what is going inside oneself to cause such stress and anxiety. In many cases it is simply because I am not speaking up where I should because of fear of another persons reaction, whether at work or home. I think many of us can understand that process!

Besides the rescue remedy, I take the other remedies several times a week. However, I just go with intuition and pick out the flower essence that I am attracted to. I think this is a lot easier than trying to diagnose! Our intuition already knows what it wants, so why let the head get in the way!

So if you are interested in trying out homoeopathy or are simply interested in using the Bach Flower remedies I recommend giving them a go. Besides, your interest is a sign that your soul wants you to use homoeopathy 🙂

For more info check out The Original Bach Remedies

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